Portland International Association for Near-Death Studies


Greg Thompson, the group leader, is a retired software engineer who lives with spirits daily. They help him through rough times and rejoice with him when life is good. He personally has had more than one near death experience and was on death watch for days until he was healed by spirits.

The most traumatic moment in his life was living with 9/11 for the thirty years before it happened. It nearly destroyed him when it happened, and his life changed. That is when he started being told by his spirit guides and friends to “Write the book”. It took 18 years of soul searching, but it turned out to be good therapy and it can help others who have similar experiences but were not sure if they were real or not.

Living with My Spirit Guides

PORTLAND, Ore. – Life comes with many different experiences, some on this earth and others outside of this universe. In Greg Thompson’s autobiography, “Living with My Spirit Guides,” he narrates his life and the meaningful relationships he has with his messengers. Readers will see a different perspective of life through Thompson’s daily spiritual encounters with his guardian angels.

The memoir is told through Thompson’s experiences and starts when he first met one of his guides at the age of four. His story chronicles how he has grown from a child who accepted his world that others did not understand to a life where he openly talks about his connection to a larger spiritual world. Throughout the book, readers will get a glimpse into how Thompson communicates with his spirit guides, how it changed throughout time and how he has learned new ways to talk with other forms of life.

“My memoir is meant to help readers understand that one is never alone,” said Thompson. “There are spirit guides, some may refer to them as angels, who are always with one and wish to help them. Also, that one’s soul does not die when the body dies. Everyone has spirit guides and is loved unconditionally by them; they help you manifest what you desire and will always be a part of one’s soul.”

Ultimately, “Living with My Spirit Guides” shows what it is like for Thompson to be an empath who can pick up emotions from anywhere in the world and how it feels understanding things that may not be physically there. By the end of the book, readers will be captivated by Thompson’s knowledge and how he helps others with the aid of his spirit guides.

Web site: LivingWithMySpiritGuides.com


I saw something happening at the bottom of my feet. There was a white and golden sphere of light that sparkled at the bottom of my bed around my feet. I had seen this golden sphere twice before in my life. Both times it was when I was heavily depressed. I granted it permission those times to come forward and it did. It was made up of hundreds of souls who gave me unconditional love and warm energy. Now it is here at the bottom of my bed! Shouldn’t I be flying out of my body? Why is it here? It makes no sense to me at all. It is just staying there and not moving toward me. Then it dawned on me, I must permit it to come forward. I give it permission.


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