Portland International Association for Near-Death Studies


A virtual meeting may either occur as a Zoom local meeting or as a meeting through ISGO (IANDS Sharing Group Online). See Meeting Information for information.

To attend live Portland IANDS online meetings on ISGO, the following preparation must be done, by you, well ahead of meeting start time.

  • Join IANDS Sharing Groups Online
  • Download Zoom software
  • When the event is announced return to ISGO to RSVP
1) FREE to IANDS members-- Join IANDS Sharing Groups Online
  • https://isgo.iands.org/join-isgo
  •  You will be sent a temporary password
  •  After signing in you can choose your own password. This is a one time action.
  •  Thereafter for all IANDS Shating groups Online meetings, you can login with the above password or check the 'Remember Me' box to be automatically connected
2) Download Zoom:
on your computer:
   on your iPhone or iPad:    on your Android device

The above 2 items only need to be done one time.

The same log in ID, password, and Zoom software are used for all webinars.

3)  RSVP for our event
The price for Sharing groups webinar events or recordings has two levels:
$15 each for Regular accounts and $10 each for Subscriber accounts. 

Individuals with an active IANDS membership at a Supporting or higher level are automatically ISGO Subscriber accounts at no additional charge. All other INDS Sharing group accounts are at the Regular level (including those with an IANDS Basic level membership). 

If you are not already an IANDS member at the Supporting or higher level, we suggest you consider joining IANDS or upgrading your membership to that level because you'll save money in the long run and will have access to other ISGO productions and member benefits.
To become a member of IANDS

Disclaimer: Portland IANDS does not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other psychological or medical treatment nor does it provide referrals to such services.