Portland International Association for Near-Death Studies


International Association for Near-Death Studies

IANDS’ purpose is to promote responsible, multi-disciplinary exploration of near-death and similar experiences, their effects on people’s lives, and their implications for beliefs about life, death, and human purpose. Where scholarship does not indicate a reasonably clear position on the origin or interpretation of these experiences, we remain impartial and open to the presentation of varying points of view; however, while all personal beliefs will be respected, IANDS is under no obligation to consider them all equally supportable. Whatever the viewpoint, IANDS never supports proselytizing.

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Sharing Groups Online

IANDS Sharing Groups are free to IANDS members. Learn how to join an event by looking at Virtual Meetings Information.

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Spiritual Awakenings International

Portland IANDS is an affiliate of Spiritual Awakenings International.

Spiritual Awakenings International is a non-profit worldwide network of individuals and groups who are interested in collaborating to raise awareness, network, and share personal experience relating to diverse types of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, to raise global spiritual awareness.

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